We Take Development Seriously

Hands On Research

We provide an in-depth consultation to establish your baseline lubrication challenges and discuss possible technology challenges in the future. Your consultation includes GENBA (at the source) on site machining evaluations as well as interviews with your engineers and operators.

Precise Selection and Design

We choose only the highest quality ingredients selected to address your unique lubrication needs. By considering each aspect of your machining process we design a formulation that provides superior friction control and longer lasting quality.

In Depth Evaluation and Analysis

Once your product has been formulated we will simulate your actual lubrication conditions in order to evaluate and analyze the products performance.

Our History - Insight

With a century of experience and success in the lubricants industry, as well as committed partnerships with our customers, Idemitsu Lubricants America is your go-to development partner. ILA’s research and development specialists dive deep into the molecular level of lubricants to create cutting edge lubrication technology supporting your unique lubrication requirements. We help you solve your lubrication challenges using the newest tribology and formulation technology available while always keeping our eye on your future needs.

Our Vision - Integrity

ILA’s commitment to our customers drives our desire to understand and respond to your needs. We exceed your requirements by taking design to the molecular level, developing unique lubricants technology and improving the performance, energy efficiency and environmental impact of the lubricants you use.

Our Mission - Innovation

To be the only choice for all your development, technology and testing needs.

You Need Regular Checkups, So Does Your Valuable Equipment

Lab Solutions

Idemitsu Lubricants America has a wide range of testing services available including our IDEMITSU-LUBRICANTS ANALYSIS SYSTEM (I-LAS). With I-LAS we can help you manage and maintain optimal fluid health. Just set up your company and begin to analyze and trend your equipment fluids on a regularly scheduled regimen.

I-LAS Overview:

I-LAS will provide your facility with a unique, password protected website giving you the ability to manage your data from routine oil sample analysis. With the I-LAS system you will be able to:

  • Access your analysis reports
  • Store your equipment maintenance history and analysis data
  • Export your analysis data
  • Analyze your trends

Click here for more information about the I-LAS system

Recommended Testing:

Each system is unique and your ILA Sales Representative will work with you to design an appropriate testing schedule. ILA has a wide range of testing capabilities to support your equipment needs. Suggested test items for your system type are in the table below. Download Now