Product Segment Product Applications Grade Request MSDS Request TDS
Quench Oils Idemitsu Quench For use when trying to gain optimal hardness from large, thick steel, alloy or tool grade steel parts. US
Demonstrates stable appearance and cooling properties with spray quenching methods such as press quenching. V
Idemitsu Masterquench A For use with a large number of materials from small parts to large alloys, this oil is especially suited for controlled atmosphere batch furnaces. -
Idemitsu Bright Quench Cold quench oil excellent for maintaining surface appearance of carburized parts, bearing lace, molds, needles, tools, etc. for a long time. -
Idemitsu Hi Temp Oil Hot quenching oil possessing lasting surface gloss, and high quality needed for tempering oil. A
Idemitsu Plastic Quench Polymer quenching agent for induction hardening, flame hardening, and carburizing, that is added to water to prevent heat cracking. HF